Ideal for Horse Owners... Hobby Farms
Tows Behind an ATV or Lawn Tractor

Use Alone... Or Behind Farm Implements For 1-Pass Coverage With Your Atv, Lawn Tractor, Tractor Or Pickup

Quality, Dependable Harrows For Over 14 Years!

The Secret Is In the Tine!

  • Special design prevents tines from spreading apart in center... heavy residue is quickly surfaced without clogging or bunching.
  • Unique construction allows tines to follow every contour of your ground... for maximum coverage.
  • Stronger 7/16" dia. tines(3-1/2"L) are cold-formed from high-carbon eliminate breakage (7/16" dia. tines work the ground up better than 1/2" dia. tines, yet tine design is more durable).
  • More tines - 120 per 4' width - offset to avoid ridges.

harrow2.jpg (2960 bytes)

1. Aggressive Action - Maximum penetration. Pull forward, with tines pointed slightly back.

harrow3.jpg (2994 bytes)

2. Light Action - Light penetration. Pull backwards, with tines pointed further back.

harrow4.jpg (2777 bytes)

3. Minimum Action - As a drag mat. When the harrow is turned over so that the steel teeth are upright it becomes an affective drag mat.

harrow5.jpg (1523 bytes)

4. Combination Action - Rake & smooth in 1-pass. Sections work independently.

50% Faster - More Effective

Cover more acres per hour - multi-position tines permit higher operating speeds (up to 8 mph vs 4 mph)... without skipping, jumping or skimming surface...unlike fixed-position tines.

Renews Soil... Naturally!

Raking action removes dead residue...providing better air, water and nitrogen penetration to roots...recycles rich, organic materials evenly back into soil...for vigorous, full growth.

All-Season Tool

SPRING - stand matted grass up to stimulate rapid green-up, pull leaves out of low spots, loosen thatch buildup, aerate lawns before feed and seed (then harrow afterwards to speed fertilizer penetration and increase seed germination), prep seed beds (then work in and cover fertilizer and seed).

SUMMER - break up soil crusts on new seed beds without damaging young plants, rake pastures regularly to scatter manure droppings and stimulate grass growth, lift up crabgrass runners and heads so mower can cut; rake and smooth dirt paths, gravel driveways and athletic fields.

FALL - shred dry leaves, aerate and dethatch lawns, minimum till.

WINTER - fluff/smooth snow on trails, breaking-up ice crust.


  • Scatter manure droppings
  • Aerate and dethatch pastures, lawns
  • Loosen and smooth paths and driveways
  • Fluff, dry and level tracks, ball diamonds, etc.
  • Break up and level heavy soil
  • Prepare nicer seed beds
  • Work-in fertilizer and seed
  • Incorporate herbicides
  • Gentle, "first" cultivation
  • Minimum till - stalks, crusts and ridge

Compact storage - roll up sections or hang on wall. No parts to oil, grease or adjust
Includes heavy-duty tubular steel drawbar with chrome-plated 5/16 chain, clevis hitch & required hardware.

Model Width & Length
(with drawbar)
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4' x 4'
89 lbs
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Mini Harrow
4' x 6'
115 lbs
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4' Harrow
4' x 8' (b)
146 lbs
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6' Harrow
6' x 8' (b)
229 lbs
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8' Harrow (a)
8' x 8' (b)
280 lbs
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10' Harrow
10' x 8' (b)
390 lbs
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12' Harrow (a)
12' x 8' (b)
462 lbs
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14' Harrow (a)
14' x 8' (b)
520 lbs
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(a) We combine 4', 6' and 10' sections to obtain overall width
(b) We combine 4' long sctions to obtain overall length.